Allen & Heath GLD-AR84

Allen & Heath GLD-AR84

Allen & Heath

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Brand: Allen & Heath

Color: Black


  • Adds 8 XLR inputs and 4 XLR outputs to a GLD system
  • Up to two AR84s can be added to a GLD system, connected to an AR2412 AudioRack and / or direct to the GLD-80 mixer
  • Connection is over Cat5 cable running Allen & Heath's dSNAKE protocol, allowing the AR2412 to be positioned up to 120m from the GLD-80 or GLD-112 mixer
  • dSNAKE provides control to the remote preamp, and all mic preamps are scene recallable

Publisher: Allen & Heath

Details: Remote Audio Rack 8X4

EAN: 6938122241930